Group of service project in oil industry

In our opinion the group of service projects in oil industry of Sib Trade Service is unique example connecting the company which activity is manufacturing and companies that use its products. The group was organized in 2004 that locked the chin of quality control during the whole equipment life circle. Close connection with the goods end-users via leasing, specialists taking part in tools operation as engineering service gave a very good ability to improve  the quality up to the highest standards.



An present time the group of service projects is:

  • Selection and leasing of fishing equipment manufactured by “Sib Trade Service” (service centers are situated in Samara, Buzuluk, Nizhnevartovsk, Nefteugansk and Stavropol.

Types of leasing:

Interval leasing – 24 hours, months quarter, half a year according to confirmed rates

Stand buy – tools storage is paid according to min rate and service at terms in contract.

Guarantee range – the customer guarantees the total work in hours for the whole contract value period and not depending time interval of tools using, the total confirmed volume of work is paid.

    • Repair and renewal of used equipment.
    • Engineering service with equipment gave in leasing.
    • Operation service – analysis of dowhole failure in a well with detailed plan of elimination using the equipment manufactured by Sib Trade Service.
    • Leasing the equipment and engineering service for side-track operation.
    • Designing of special equipment for downhole failure elimination in nonstandard wells.
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